Brock was founded in 1854. Through its history, the village has been called Dayton, Howard, Clinton, and Podunk. It was renamed Brock, after a railroad official, when the railroad was built through the town in 1882. The first grist mill was built in Brock in 1876 and a sawmill was built on the Nemaha River the same year. In 1883 a big flood washed away houses and livestock. It was at that time that the town of Brock was moved to its present location.

Coryell Park was homesteaded by the L.L. Coryell family in 1867. The park commemorates the spirit and values of Nebraska’s settlers. The park features a playground, covered bridge, pavilion, chapel (often used for weddings) and Treasure House filled with collectibles from the family, most notable a doll collection. Coryell Park was awarded the honor of being names one of the State’s Hidden Treasures for 2011.


    • Population: 110
    • Previous names: Dayton, Howard, Clinton, Podunk
    • Founded in 1854



Coryell Park